Sunday, January 14, 1996

Families Against Internet Censorship

Why we oppose censorship of the Internet

Our first child was born on June 29th of 1996, and our second on January 16th, 2000. We have given a lot of thought to many aspects of their upbringing, not the least of which is exposure to the vast array of information available on the Internet.

Just like any other aspect of parenting, all of the thought and planning means little now that the true parenting must begin. In order to do the best job we are capable of, we must have as many options available to us as possible. It is for this reason that we oppose governmental restrictions on the Internet.

If the government controls the environment our children are raised in, it usurps our power to parent. To allow government regulation of our children's environment is to forego the responsibilities of parenthood and lose the rights of parenthood as well.

Our children will be what we make of them, not what government, in the guise of "society," wishes them to be.
- David and Sarah Miller

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