Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Marine Piper in Iraq Receives a Proper Kilt

Back in April, there was a wire story about 1st Sergeant Dwayne Farr stationed in Iraq. He had taken up the bagpipes, and played them routinely. One line in the article read, “He’s looking for a desert camouflage kilt he can wear in operations like these.”

Well, that got the Utilikilts mailing list I’m on fired up. There were a few false starts, but a collection was taken up, and plans were made to get a custom Utilikilts Survival Kilt made in genuine Marine MARPAT material. There were a few disheartening moments as news stories arose of kilt companies shipping “desert camo” kilts to 1stSgt Farr. In the end we learned though that none of them had actually bothered to do what we did, and actually get in touch with the man and get proper measurements.

So, today, a dream is realized. 1stSgt Farr received his new kilt, and it’s everything we hoped it would be.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Busybodies invade the school lunch program

So, I’m on the mailing list for the Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School PT(S)A. Usually, it’s some back-patting, calls for volunteers, and occasional useful notices for parents. On a pretty frequent basis, some chick named “France Giddings” (who is apparently an “investigator” for something called “A.C.A.”) sends out some tripe usually pushed out of the state teacher’s union, about how we need to encourage the government to send more money to the state teacher’s union. Today, I get this, which is basically some busybody housewife who thinks she’s a self-taught nutrition expert, looking to push the school district to adopt “progressive” top-down food service policies.
I’ve read the policies she’s so appalled by. They’re pretty basic, and push responsibility down the chain to the local administrators, where it belongs. I don’t want bozos like Ms. Thorn wasting the school district’s time debating all this crap, instigating a “one size fits all” policy, and screwing it up for everyone, when what we’ve got is working. If people don’t like what the schools are serving their kids, brown-bagging is cheaper anyway.
Get a life, Shelly.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Teacher’s union protects income at expense of children.

It looks like the WEA has done it. They’ve managed to buy enough signatures to get the minimalist state charter school law suspended until at least April 2005. Hopefully, the voters will see through the crap this year, and charter schools will finally have a chance in Washington State.

Personally, I’d love to see the WEA lose every cent it extorts from teachers’ paychecks, but I’m sure it’ll be a long time before that’s even possible.

Shut up about the war, already!

I subscribe to a couple of “political” newsletters. It’s a quick, easy way to stay up on the news that interests me. Being generally libertarian in bent, a lot of the people that write newsletters that interest me are opposed to the US actions in Iraq. That’s fine, I’m not so sure it was a good idea either. But dammit, it just pisses me off that every, single, day, the top five news items and at least half the total have to be “Another Bad Thing Happened in Iraq.”

Shut up already! I know you think Iraq was a bad idea! I know that soldiers facing hostiles are going to die! I know innocents pay in wartime! Sheesh, give it a break. There’s plenty going on inside our borders, focus on that for a while.