Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Marine Piper in Iraq Receives a Proper Kilt

Back in April, there was a wire story about 1st Sergeant Dwayne Farr stationed in Iraq. He had taken up the bagpipes, and played them routinely. One line in the article read, “He’s looking for a desert camouflage kilt he can wear in operations like these.”

Well, that got the Utilikilts mailing list I’m on fired up. There were a few false starts, but a collection was taken up, and plans were made to get a custom Utilikilts Survival Kilt made in genuine Marine MARPAT material. There were a few disheartening moments as news stories arose of kilt companies shipping “desert camo” kilts to 1stSgt Farr. In the end we learned though that none of them had actually bothered to do what we did, and actually get in touch with the man and get proper measurements.

So, today, a dream is realized. 1stSgt Farr received his new kilt, and it’s everything we hoped it would be.

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