Friday, April 8, 2005

So how am I supposed to feel?

One of the local PTA busibodies sent out this article recently. Basically, a game is being released called ‘Narc’, that lets you choose to be a “Good cop” or “Bad cop”, right down to using what you confiscate. Pop a few uppers, and you’re a better shot. Pop ‘em every day, and you’re an addict.

So, how am I supposed to feel about this? If kids play this, they might learn that ‘drugs’ aren’t all bad, like the propagandists want them to think? They might learn that addiction is a gradual process that you don’t always recognize immediately? The horror!

Hell, I’m all for showing the good and the bad of prohibition. Maybe if our kids grow up with a reasonable understanding of the horrors it causes, they’ll someday get up the courage to ask, “Why the hell didn’t you people learn from the 18th Amendment?”

Yes Virginia, just like aspirin and antihistamines, ‘narcotics’ have their positive uses too. But also just like them, abuse can do more harm than good.

Dare to tell your kids the truth about ‘drugs’.

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