Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nathan Fillion's 7-Layer Bean Dip of the Gods

Nathan Fillion tweeted the recipe to his famed (of the Dr. Horrible COMMENTARY track) 7-layer bean dip of the gods.  See here and here for the intro tweets.

Layer one: Large can of fat free vegetarian refried beans.
Layer two: mix taco seasoning into low fat sour cream and spread over beans.
Layer three: four large diced tomatoes (use your jug dement for adequate coverage.
Layer four: Guacamole. (I use avocados mixed with Herdez mild salsa). Tomatoes will anchor the sour cream layer.
Layer five: one cute little can of diced green chilies. Suggest wee flinging through fingers for even spreaddage.
Layer six: one cute little can of black olives. Same technique for spreaddage.
Layer seven: shredded Mexican cheese mix. Or to taste. I use a whole bag.

Serving instructions:
Casserole dish for dip, and a strong chip like Mission Rounds. Dip is thick- will destroy lesser chips. Maybe stock up on Beano, too.

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